The Tried & Tested Methods For Optimising Reception Services

Reception Services

The Right People

Want to turn your humble start-up into a serious contender in the market? One of the common ways is by looking at the staff you hire, as they will be the team players that will help propel your business to greater heights.

The reception staff, in particular, as they are at the frontline of business, should be well-trained and highly cooperative, being able to work together at all times, especially under pressure, instead of wasting valuable office hours participating in gossips and silly quarrels, among other issues. It is therefore important to get a reception area manager who can motivate the team to be able to get the most out of the staff. There are articles you can find online that touches on this topic and by reading even just some of them, company bosses will have more understanding and better chances of having a productive team of reception staff. There are websites with insightful blogs that businesspeople aiming to transform their company into a market leader can use. Getting in touch with a reputable virtual telephone answering service is also one way to be able to have great receptionists for your company.


Although there are plenty of people in the US who just love working at the company they are employed by – especially staff who were given a chance by their boss – many employees need lots of motivation to even get out of bed in the morning. It’s important we feel we are working for a reason so that we may get motivated about what we do for a living and become more determined to do the best we can, whether we’re the night shift receptionist or the one working during the day.

The quality of service of the highly-motivated telephone staff at US phone answering service by Reception HQ will please many company bosses who decide to use its services as an outsource solution. Of course, those who decide to use the services of the reception service provider should first know how many staff they need. While giving regular encouragement to phone answering operatives is a good way to make them much more productive, here are other aspects that should also be worked on:

  • Praise staff publicly
  • Scold staff in private
  • Provide the team with regular feedback
  • Offer on-going training for each staff member
  • Provide mentoring to help develop confidence and skills

Why Aim For A Happy Workforce

As many experienced businesspeople with a small or large number of workers won’t need telling, a happy staff is a productive one. If we hope to make our team of reception staff become more effective and more productive, we will need to ensure they’re content with the work they are tasked to do.

There are simple ways a company manager can do to keep his troops happy. Among them is by treating them to a monthly dinner and holding an occasional office party.  A smart way of making these happen is by preparing a special fund for these events. There should be a noticeable improvement in the attitude of the reception staff and other employees towards work when the workers are being shown appreciation. A happy workforce will often lead to increased productivity.