Cost-Effective Commercial Structures: Precast Concrete


Precast concrete solutions are a transformative trend in the construction industry of today. They are designed to eliminate common utility construction problems. Thus, they pose a real game-changer for companies who operate in competitive markets, have tight schedules to meet, and look to conserve costs.

Namely, all the advantages linked to using precast solutions quickly add up and lead to faster project completion and reduced overheads. This is your chance to polish your competitive advantage and get ahead of the curve in 2018 and beyond.

Mainstay of quality

Many people are not aware that the origin of precast concrete can be traced back to ancient times, where Romans worked wonders with this material. In a modern sense, this solution has been rediscovered and is now spreading across commercial construction sites around the globe. Not everyone is awakened to the value of using precast concrete, though, so let’s begin outlining its benefits.

Compared to build-in-place construction, one of the main differences is that precast products are created in climate-controlled environments, not on-site. They are also manufactured in accordance with the quality standards of the precast industry sector. Hence, the process of verifying their quality is rather simple. Of course, some manufacturers uphold an even higher standard and they should always be considered first when planning a project.

From the ground up

Precast concrete is a versatile and heavy-duty material with a lifespan that exceeds most conventional counterparts. It’s not as porous and is less likely to endure cracks than the cast-in-place products. In a nutshell, they tend to have much greater structural integrity, which is always a top priority when building commercial structures.

Moreover, the superior performance in terms of watertight requirements and corrosion resistance is another selling point. Precast concrete has a high load-carrying capacity and even better, it increases in strength as time rolls by. The list of benefits goes on: Precast concrete is not susceptible to deflection and corrosion and can withstand prolonged exposure to all weather conditions.

Thus, durable precast concrete panels facilitate faster and more cost-effective projects. Working with them, it becomes much easier to control the mix, placement, and curing of construction materials. All in all, precast can be installed almost immediately.

Optimal allocation

What is more, taking into account that concrete products are premade, they allow you to achieve considerable time and money savings. Contractors are able to focus on preparing the site and then have precast concrete delivered just on time. No time is wasted due to pouring cement or waiting for the weather to improve. On-site installation can play out smoothly, without any delays and interruptions.

Another advantage of precast solutions is enhanced safety for workers. They work in a controlled environment and are able to steer away from common risks that cause injuries and fatalities. For instance, manual application of toxic substances is replaced with factory-controlled processes. And in general, there are fewer trades involved and fewer people are required on site. Both these things boost the safety of everyone even further.

Finally, bear in mind that the simplicity of the assembly means that even non-seasoned workers can handle precast solutions. As a result, commercial construction companies can find labor force easier and cut down training requirements.

Step up the game

Mostly found in the commercial sector, precast concrete products are a force to be reckoned with. More importantly, they can serve as building blocks of your stellar portfolio and business success. Working with them, you are likely to have fewer workers to manage, less on-site trades to keep an eye on, and more opportunities to conserve resources.

The quality can be monitored nice and easy, so it’s not like you are taking a leap of faith. So, don’t hesitate to accelerate processes of curing, placement, and consolidation, and put precast to good use right away.

Building your commercial structure with precast concrete will allow you to considerably trim construction costs without compromising on quality and finish your projects with flying colors. Will you rise to the occasion?