An Insight into Different Warehouse Storage Systems


How you organize your warehouse storage system will greatly impact your entire operation, either boosting performance and productivity or hindering progress in the long run. You want to ensure an uninterrupted rate of development led by a smart, effective and efficient storage system that can be easily navigated, optimized, handled and scaled accordingly.

Various storage systems mentioned below can be modified and combined to fit your particular needs and plans for the future, so make sure you opt for the solutions that are both efficient and economic.

Block stacking

Starting with the simplest and cheapest solution, block stacking enables small spaces and low-volume companies to stack their boxes and products in piles, often avoiding the need for forklifts or additional storage equipment. However, the system does come with its shortcomings, as it is a rather poor use of space that doesn’t allow for much free movement and makes navigation and product selection difficult.

Automated storage system

One of the more sophisticated storage systems available entails the use of automated storing and retrieving mechanisms that do not require the warehouse to be operated by a large number of people and only require one operating individual to control and input data into the computer system. This system boasts enviable safety benefits as it minimizes the risk of human error and subsequent injuries. However, the major downside to this solution lies in the risk of computer or mechanical failures, which could easily render the entire rig useless.


A mezzanine storage solution allows you to expand your facility by a whole new story, which can prove invaluable for accommodating your expanding traffic volume and production requirements. You can utilize various different storage systems within the mezzanine level, combining different solutions to fit your needs, although you should keep in mind that sometimes a new level requires its own retrieval systems and the introduction of specialized lifts, tracks or forklifts.

Pallet racking

Industrial pallet racking solutions are among the best and most comprehensive storage systems available, offering vast storage potential with easy navigation and scalability. Pallet racking can be quite cheaper than many other solutions, and by storing numerous pallets within a single framework, you can easily access your goods and deliver them to the distribution area either by hand or via dedicated tracks.

Depending on the size of the pallet framework, you can employ workers to navigate the pallets either by hand or with forklifts. You can also install a pallet flow system within a pallet-racking framework that will allow you to easily store and pick up goods via a conveyor belt, to eliminate the need to move boxes when trying to reach certain products. This, in turn, could save precious time and resources.

Picking area

Picking areas are a good way to utilize smaller spaces and enable individual pickers or teams of pickers to concentrate on handling a specific load of goods. You can store the goods around central area for easy navigation and handling. However, you should bear in mind that picking areas are not well suited for storing goods at an excessive height or products that are large in frame and disproportionate in weight.

Drive-in racking

With drive-in racking, the storage space operates on a first in – last out basis, and is ideal for companies that need to efficiently stock large volumes of identical products. The pallets are stored back to back and the entire system makes for easy storage optimization and navigation without the need to for complicated handling methods or the utilization of expensive equipment.

With these contemporary storage solutions, you can affordably optimize your warehouse for peak productivity and performance and scale the size of your operations to suit your growing business. Make sure to introduce and combine various solutions in order to ensure constant progress and minimize delays and mishaps across the board.