Start Up Solutions for Small Businesses


If you have a great business idea but lack the capital to get it off the ground, fear not, as there are options open to the entrepreneur who is determined to turn their concept into reality. We will never know how many great ideas that might have been successful, had they the funding, but instead remained an idea in someone’s head. If you feel you have a winning combination, but lack the capital to make it happen, there are online solutions in the form of business experts who are dedicated to sourcing investment funds for a range of small businesses.

Government Grants

If you are UK based, you will be happy to know that the government offers UK business grants as part of its effort to promote private enterprise. It could be that a large part of the capital you require can be obtained from the government in the form of grants, which in many cases, are not repayable. Most people are unaware of the complex system of government grants and how to find out if you qualify, and if you do, exactly how you go about applying for the said grant, which is where a business funding website can really help.

Unsecured Finance

An established business finance broker would be able to source unsecured loans up to £100,000 for small business start ups, and with adequate financial backing, your project can finally get underway. Obviously, you would need to have a solid business plan, and expect your investors to ask to see that, as it will not only outline where the money will go, it will also detail exactly how the business can repay the loan. If, by chance, you do qualify for UK business grants, this will help tremendously and the amount you need to borrow will be significantly lower.

The Business Plan

This is the very heart of your concept and it is something any investor will insist on seeing, as it outlines the business concept, along with details on marketing strategies, long and short term sales forecasts, and a solid 5-year plan to ensure steady and sustainable growth. Whoever you approach for a business capital loan, they will want to see a clearly defined plan that shows you have done your homework and everything is in place.

Alternative Lending Industry

This growing sector is an online alternative to traditional banks and finance companies, and with the help of a team of business experts, you can quickly discover if your new business qualifies for a startup grant. Many businesses do qualify, and a fee is only charged once the grant has been secured. The government is working hard to promote private enterprise by offering more than 50 business grants across a range of industries, and by checking in with the right website, you can find out if your business idea qualifies for a government grant.

The Internet has spawned a new generation of online retailers, and with a little working capital, a new business can quickly make its mark on the global marketplace.