Choosing the Best Travel Insurance: Annual and Single Trip


Taking good travel insurance is always a good idea of your vacation planning. Whether you are planning a single trip for your holiday or insuring for a year travel insurance is a must for every journey at the mercy of unwanted elements. So before accepting the first deal that came across you have to search online for the best deal you can get.

When you are searching for travel insurance, you need to keep in mind three main covers of the policy:

  1. Cancellation
  2. Medical
  3. Personal belongings

There is always a possibility of cancellation of the holiday you planned. So it would be wise to take policy which can adequately compensate you. Usually the compensation should include the entire cost and all the subsidiary expenses of the trip like car hire and the like.

Medical cover of the policy will be offered in millions. It is calculated on per person basis.

During travel we usually take personnel belongs and valuables like camera, mobile and other electronic gadgets. So getting the right level of cover is very important. Your policy should be able to cover the value of these things.

The below questions can straighten out most the doubts about travel insurance

  • Which travel insurance policy you need: annual travel insurance or single trip
  • The extent of cover offered by the travel insurance company to your valuables and baggage.
  • Do you have any preexisting medical conditions like asthma or heart conditions
  • If the trip is cancelled, will there be any compensation by the policy
  • Is there an age limit to ordinary travel insurance: – this is when you are older than 65. Here you may need specialist travel insurer.

Taking an annual travel insurance policy is always a better choice if you plan to travel often. This means that the annual travel insurance policy will cover your travels for an entire year under single payment of the fee. This would be more sensible as taking separate single trip travel insurance policy will certainly cost higher than buying annual travel insurance.